J A Gregory is a writer and editor based in South London. She has published both fiction and non-fiction. Her reflections and short stories often explore themes of memory, decay, transgression and the profane. Below is a short CV of her work. 

Jess was Assistant Editor at Inky Needles from 2012 – 2015. Inky Needles was an independent publishing platform that focused on Politics, philosophy and Poetry. It published essays, reflections, poems and reviews online via an open submissions process. Jess managed and edited the Reviews section of Inky Needles, as well as writing Reviews herself. Inky Needles published it’s first journal ‘The Body Modern’ in 2014, followed by ‘Celebrity and Speed’ in 2015. Inky Needles disbanded in late 2015. 

Three short stories (Spoil, Trespass, Steal) for [dis]corporate bodies project.

Words With Jam Shortest Story Competition

Third place in WWJ competition with ‘Copper’. Subsequent publication in An Earthless Melting Pot Short Story Collection.

Sabotage Reviews

Fiction and small publication reviews with Sabotage Reviews –

Reflex Fiction

Jess published a piece of flash fiction with Reflex Fiction called Waiting at the Door

This was later published in Reflex Fiction’s Anthology called Barely Casting a Shadow.


Short story ‘A Quiet One’ published by

Jess currently writes regular fiction reviews with Storgy. A catalogue of her previous reviews is available here.


Jess is currently working on a novel-length fiction project and is researching a non-fiction proposal.



To contact Jess please email: